Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live Radio

lewis and clark We had our first adventure into AM talk radio today! We were on the Jim Harrison show on Radio NL out of Kamloops B.C. That’s right! A foreign market. What a great experience! This is the interview guest and feature alert that our publicist, Garis PR and Media Group, sent out:

Interview Guest & Feature Alert:

Do People Secretly Think You're Boring?

Our experts will give you some quick tell-tale signs that your life may need some re-adjustment...

-- Has someone recently asked you how you like to have fun -- and you had no answer?

-- Is it hard for you to remember the last time you really laughed? (Not just pretended to laugh).

-- Do you look in your closet and discover you don't even own any "play clothes"?

-- Does your answer to the question "What's new?" always involve your job?

-- In every recent photo are you wearing a suit or high heels?

The answers to these questions and more will reveal your true "Boredom Image".

IN INTERVIEW: Authors and adventure experts, Jennifer Fowler and Carrie Wahl will explain how to tell if your are a being seen as a major bore by others. If your boredom level is too high -- they will give you some fast ways to go from humdrum to exciting. You will be a much healthier person and way more popular by lowering your boredom factor with these great tips.

Fowler and Wahl are world class adventurers, and the authors of the hot new adventure book "Pieces Of The Puzzle". They are fun and dynamic guests. Your audience will love this very entertaining interview.

AVAILABILITY: Idaho and worldwide by telephone, satellite or special arrangement.

It is easier to get media access with a pop culture related topic, so we went with an adventure format since it is embodies who we are and can be tied to Pieces of the Puzzle, which is an action adventure novel.

We were supposed to have ten minutes, but that was reduced to seven since they were running out of time. Because of this, the host had to jump around a little bit in the material and we were unable to use some of our very clever stories and quips. At least one question caught us off guard. Of course after we got off the phone, a really insightful reply came to us! On the bright side, our names and the name of our book were announced on air in a city of 80,000 plus population.

We are looking forward to more media interviews and associated book sales!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Native American Rock Art

Being from Idaho, I naturally want to bring at least one of the Timekeepers close to home. While no major civilization arose in my state 4,000 years ago, a fascinating group of people did call this land their home at that time. Early Nez Perce people were hunting and fishing the waterways of North Central Idaho at the same time Hammurabi was passing down his code of laws. I am fortunate to live less than two hours from a phenomenal legacy of a forgotten language. Hundreds of petroglyphs are carved onto basaltic bedrock outcroppings on both sides of the Snake River at Buffalo Eddy. They are easily accessible and unspeakably mesmerizing. This summer I plan to spend several meditative hours on the bank of the river letting their story play itself out in my head before I put it to paper. --Carrie