Saturday, December 27, 2008


“We are back to immersing ourselves in ancient history, something we began nearly four years ago. The Chinese scenes in the second book in the Timekeepers Series are also set during the Xia dynasty, so we are still working on that time period that the Yiguapai or “skeptical school” often refer to as merely legendary. With no known written texts dating back to this dynasty, it is impossible to say that it really did exist. However, this was also the case with the Shang dynasty until the discovery of the oracle bones whose inscriptions verified its existence. In fact many Chinese archaeologists associate the recently discovered Erlitou Culture of Northern China with that of the Xia Dynasty site. Many Westerners remain unconvinced. For the sake of the story, we are believers! It is a bit like the cameo appearances of our Biblical figures. Many skeptics, lacking faith, call these figures legendary because there is no mention of many of them outside of scripture. In any case, we are given much artistic license with this time period. We are able to draw deeply on the rich stories traditionally attributed to Confucius, in fact, we get a lot of storyline prompts from The Sacred Books of the East series issued by Oxford University Press between 1879 and 1910, archived online at

The new Timekeepers book begins in 1793 BC, over 100 years having passed since Pieces of the Puzzle. While some civilizations represented during this time period do offer verifiable archaeological and written proof of their existence which we can draw from, we will also continue to pull from the history, traditions, and legends of cultures across the world, since this is what they have passed down as their history or belief. We feel that it is an important and respectful part of the story. We offer as a disclaimer in Pieces of the Puzzle “The dates in this time period are uncertain. Even experts disagree and at best can only estimate dates for events based on different factors. In order to complete our story, we had to make a decision on which to use. While new evidence may eventually prove our dates wrong, we know it will verify that life in this area was varied, interesting, and even in some ways advanced.” Where real historical figures are involved we try to remain true to what is known about them, while realizing that their interactions with our characters are necessarily fictional.

Great historical fiction blends fact and fiction in such a way that is difficult to differentiate the two. If our readers are driven to learn more about these fascinating civilizations, we have done our job.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jennifer Fowler and I are very excited about the publication of Pieces of the Puzzle, the first book in the new Timekeepers series.

"A vial of liquid that bestows immortality, clues to the greatest treasure known to mankind, a talisman meant to open a portal to another dimension; each are pieces of a puzzle that begins when King Gilgamesh’s renowned quest to The Far Away goes awry. When the secret to immortality is stolen, six larger than life heroes must fight ruthless villains to protect a treasure that will either save or destroy the world. And in the midst of the adventure, they realize a mysterious figure from the future knows about them and has an important message for them to unlock.As the quest takes the heroes all over the ancient world, from distant China and Caral to the Indus and Egypt, the non-stop action of intrigue, pirates, kidnappings, and natural disasters will have the reader clamoring for the next novel."

Since it was released right in the middle of all the holiday hustle and bustle (and Jennifer's vacation!), our promotional efforts will begin with the ringing in of the new year. We will also start work on the next book of the series. I look forward to sharing our publishing and authoring experiences with our readers!

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